Our impact

Accelerating the transformation of rural Africa 

Through targeted investment and specialist support, we are creating jobs, linking smallholders with markets and establishing successful export businesses.

Benefitting people and planet

Ultimately, we will measure our success through the long-term transformational impact our investments make. By driving the development of new agro-industries and creating investable opportunities for the private sector, through an approach aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, we will help accelerate the transformation of rural Africa to a thriving, commercial agriculture sector that benefits both people and planet.

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Building successful agribusinesses

Emerging enterprises become profitable and sustainable, through:

  • Improved yields, agronomic practices and produce quality
  • Innovation in crops, land use, irrigation and mechanisation
  • Stronger supply chain relationships and greater marketing opportunities

Enriching lives

People’s lives and livelihoods associated with our investments will improve, through:

  • Better living standards, food security and community benefits
  • Job creation, increased employment levels and income
  • Wider engagement with smallholder farmers

Creating economic benefits

Our investments affect the wider economy positively, through:

  • More efficient markets and successful new businesses, which inspire others
  • Sharing of best practices to improve environmental performance and gender equality
  • Increased economic and investment activity in sectors relating to agriculture