How we work

We select our investment opportunities with care and scrutiny. We aim to maintain a balanced portfolio, allowing us to invest sustainably in both early-stage ventures and more mature cash-generative projects.

Our investment focus

Typically, we invest between $2 million and $10 million of debt and equity in African agribusinesses, targeting primary food production and processing companies where we believe we can make the most impact. However, we invest right across the supply chain – from inputs (e.g. high-yielding seeds) to logistics.

We have a long-term outlook, recognising that some of our early-stage agribusinesses can take ten years or more to reach maturity. That means we can support agribusinesses that would otherwise struggle to secure financing on affordable terms and also improve their chances to develop into viable, commercial businesses. We are also willing to provide smaller ticket sizes to projects with promising commercial and development impact.

To maintain a balanced investment portfolio, and reduce our overall risk profile, we also finance expansion projects in more mature agribusinesses with proven business models. These projects typically generate earlier cash flow and pay-back periods.