Developing sustainable agriculture in Africa
AgDevCo is a specialist investor in African agribusinesses. We invest to grow sustainable and impactful agribusiness. AgDevCo provides more than just capital; we are long-term partners for growth and impact.

AgDevCo Covid-19 Update

AgDevCo continues to support African agribusinesses and make new investments despite the restrictions imposed by the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.
Here are some examples of what we have been working on recently.

Our vision

Our vision is a thriving commercial African agriculture sector that benefits both people and planet.

Current Portfolio

Portfolio size
760,000 +
Smallholder farmers linked to markets to date
Jobs created / maintained to date


AgDevCo Impact Brochure 2020

AgDevCo provides more than capital; we are long-term partners for growth and impact. 

Twitter Congrats to Oba Pack, a leading Ghanaian agribusiness, the new owner of the Babator Farming Company! AgDevCo developed the irrigated farm from greenfield. Oba Pack will grow onions for the local market. Other sites are available for investors. More here: h
Case Study
The turnaround of Kasinthula
3 years ago this community-owned sugarcane scheme was on the brink of bankruptcy. With finance and technical support from AgDevCo Kasinthula is once more a thriving business, creating jobs and supporting livelihoods in Malawi's Shire Valley. Read more about the turnaround journey here.

Working with AgDevCo

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‘Before I would take a loan to pay my children's school fees, but now I have money left over from cocoa sales.’ Read more here:
Faces from the frontline of the #climatecrisis Mattu Dauda produces organic cocoa for AgDevCo investee Tradin SL. That bonus does a lot of things for me and my family,’ she says.
Read the article here: #nobuzzwords #COP26