Wakulima Tea Company (WTC)

Grower, processor, and seller of tea for local and export markets.

Project information

Committed budget
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Partner focus
Committed budget
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Expected impact


Jobs created / maintained

Smallholder farmers linked to market
Increase in smallholder farmers' productivity

Jobs created / maintained

Smallholder farmers linked to market
Increase in smallholder farmers' productivity

SDU role

WTC procures around 85% of green leaf tea from 12,000 members of a smallholder outgrowers association. The SDU team is focusing on improving smallholder farmers' tea yields and quality by providing extension services, field officers and over 90 demonstration plots, all of which serve to promote better and more efficient farming practices, including mechanised harvesting technology. Other initiatives include working with local banks to secure credit for yield-critical inputs such as fertilisers and pesticides.

Smart investment and support
Making traditions sustainabe
Despite the appeal of other higher-value crops, many smallholder farmers rely on tea for their year-round income. Tea provides regular monthly cash flow and farmers have a strong attachment to the tea plantations that have been harvested by local families for decades. With WTC’s long-term commitment to investing in higher-yielding tea varieties, productivity and global quality certification, farmers are more able to keep their traditions alive on a sustainable basis.

Our investments in Tanzania

Investment Total invested Investment type Start date
Africado - Debt / Equity & Technical assistance 2019
East Africa Fruits Farm & Company Limited $400,000 Debt / Equity 2015
Equity For Tanzania Limited (EFTA) $5,000,000 Debt / Equity 2015
Kingchick Poultry $255,000 Debt / Equity 2017
Lungu Limited $320,000 Debt / Equity 2013
Natural Extracts Industries (NEI) Limited - Technical assistance 2019
Pee Pee Tanzania Limited (PPTL) $5,000,000 Debt / Equity 2020
Rungwe Avocado Company (RAC) - Technical assistance
Sasumua Holdings Limited $2,340,000 Debt / Equity 2012
Suma Hydro Power Project $2,505,000 Debt / Equity 2016
Taylor Winch - Technical assistance
Wakulima Tea Company (WTC) - Technical assistance 2016