Uzima Chicken

Our social impact

Uzima Chicken hopes to benefit 1,000,000 smallholder farmers across Rwanda within five years.
Lift in income
Uzima has created over 150 jobs, 40% of these being women.
Food security
Uzima’s SASSO breed of chicken will provide a new source of quality protein for its customers in the form of eggs and meat.
A network of independent distributors will be trained in new skills to rear day-old chicks from Uzima before selling to smallholder farmers.
The Challenges

Rwanda has a production deficit in eggs and chicken relative to consumption and resorts to imports from outside the country. Rwanda also imports a significant proportion of its day old chicks from abroad. The Government of Rwanda’s strategy is to become self-sufficient in poultry production within 2-3 years.

Our Approach

AgDevCo’s investment gives Uzima the operational funding to grow rapidly as a domestic producer of day old chicks for local smallholder farmers and eventually export to the region. To do this, Uzima will invest in a new high-quality hatchery facility Bugesera District, Rwanda. Our investment will allow Uzima to expand production to 8-10 million birds per year, reaching more farmers.

Our Impact

• Our investment will allow Uzima to expand production to 8-10 million birds per year

• The SASSO dual breed, which is ideal for rearing outdoors in backyard conditions, gains weight more quickly than local chickens and is 3-4 times more productive laying eggs.

• Uzima estimates that each smallholder household will earn up to $30-50 pa from egg and meat production.

Committed Investment
We believe we can deliver more impact by making investments that help responsible agribusinesses grow.
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