Taylor Winch

Project information

Committed budget
Budget dispersed
Partner focus
Committed budget
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Partner focus

Expected impact


Jobs created / maintained

Smallholder farmers linked to market
Increase in smallholder farmers' productivity

Jobs created / maintained

Smallholder farmers linked to market
Increase in smallholder farmers' productivity

SDU role

The SDU is supporting the leading Arabica coffee exporter in Tanzania, Taylor Winch, who worked with the government in 2018 to re-introduce direct purchase agreements with smallholders and cooperatives. With the help of the SDU, Taylor Winch is developing a capacity building program for both smallholder farmers and Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Societies (AMCOs), including certification preparation and compliance, and the dissemination of good agricultural practices, enabling smallholders to achieve improved quality and yields. They will also support leadership building and business management within the AMCOs.

Our investments in Tanzania

Investment Total invested Investment type Start date
Africado - Debt / Equity & Technical assistance 2019
East Africa Fruits Farm & Company Limited $400,000 Debt / Equity 2015
Equity For Tanzania Limited (EFTA) $5,000,000 Debt / Equity 2015
Kingchick Poultry $255,000 Debt / Equity 2017
Lungu Limited $320,000 Debt / Equity 2013
Natural Extracts Industries (NEI) Limited - Technical assistance 2019
Pee Pee Tanzania Limited (PPTL) $5,000,000 Debt / Equity 2020
Rungwe Avocado Company (RAC) - Technical assistance
Sasumua Holdings Limited $2,340,000 Debt / Equity 2012
Suma Hydro Power Project $2,505,000 Debt / Equity 2016
Taylor Winch - Technical assistance
Wakulima Tea Company (WTC) - Technical assistance 2016