Our social impact

Talian will use our capital to scale its operations, create skilled jobs, and purchase more maize and cassava from smallholder farmers in Northern Uganda, integrating them into an export value chain.
Lift in income
Talian provides its supplier farmers with a reliable and sustainable market for their excess food produce and enables them to increase their land utilization, productivity and incomes.
Food security
FOOD SECURITY Talian mills high quality maize and cassava flour to increase regional food security, and supports its suppliers to only provide cassava over and above their own family food requirements.
With AgDevCo’s funding, Talian is now able to reach a larger number of farmers, assuring them of a sustainable market and has improved employment conditions for its employees. With the help of additional leveraged funding, Talian has also established significant storage on its hub farm to slash the post-harvest losses of surrounding outgrowers.
The Challenges

Food security in East and Central Africa remains significant challenge, with countries such as South Sudan and Somalia suffering from an ongoing elevated risk of famine. It is necessary for Uganda to not only strengthen its own food security on the back of more regular droughts and climate change, but also increase its role as a net exporter of maize to its more food-insecure neighbours. Cassava provides a new non-traditional cash crop, previously viewed as a food crop. Intermediation to strengthen key food value chains such as maize and cassava is a key priority for Uganda, and cassava is of particular importance to Northern Uganda as a traditional food crop.

Our Approach

AgDevCo is providing $300,000 in working capital to increase Talian’s purchasing of smallholder produce and $150,000 in capital expenditure to increase Talian’s processing capacity. The objective of the investment is to increase Talian’s capacity and scale up its operations by over six times over the next five years. In turn, Talian would be correspondingly scaling up it's purchasing from smallholder farmers, increasing and securing their incomes.

In addition, AgDevCo is providing technical assistance to improve Talian’s environmental and social management systems, and to strengthen its financing and accounting systems to ready the business to benefit from commercial financing in the future.

Our Impact
  • Link 6,500 small scale farmers to export and premium markets
  • Scale Talian’s operations by over 6 times in 5 years
  • AgDevCo financing will increase grain drying and storage capacity
  • Improve ESG systems including occupational health and safety for employees and gender awareness
  • Improve financial and accounting systems and create managerial and skilled jobs
Committed Investment
We believe we can deliver more impact by making investments that help responsible agribusinesses grow.
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