Our social impact

The livelihoods of 2,967 farmers have been improved by selling dried chillies and paprika to Tropha. An additional 2,427 farmers received extension services from the company.
Lift in income
Tropha paid competitive prices to farmers for chillies and paprika in 2017. The average farm received $131 for their produce.
Food security
Tropha purchased a total of 113 MT of paprika and 98 MT of chillies in 2017, using AgDevCo’s working capital facility.
A global Dutch spice trading company was the main off-taker of chillies in 2017 and its high pricing will partly support local community projects.
The Challenges

Chillies and paprika are good smallholder crops because they are usually higher value than traditionally grown maize and relatively resistant to drought and disease. They can provide additional income to farmers alongside their maize, cotton and or tobacco crop. Reliable access to export markets is essential, as chillies and paprika have a significantly higher value on export markets.


Our Approach

AgDevCo’s working capital facility enables Tropha to build its outgrower supplier base, which has the potential to be used for other crops, including macadamias. In the 2017 season, c.3,000 outgrowers were linked to markets and at the start of 2018, indications are that this number will rise by a further 500 farmers for the next season. Tropha also engages a chilli and paprika expert to visit all farmers each month to inspect seedbeds and provide agronomic advice.

Our Impact
  • Chillies were purchased at very competitive prices from farmers.
  • Total farmer revenues in 2017 were c. $386k
  • Both chillies and paprika represent an attractive alternative to tobacco production, Malawi’s predominant cash crop for smallholder farmers.
  • A global food retailer is looking to purchase chillies directly from Tropha, with profits partly used to fund community activities.


Committed Investment
We believe we can deliver more impact by making investments that help responsible agribusinesses grow.
If you believe your business meets our investment criteria, we want to hear from you.
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