Serendipalm Company Ltd

Palm oil and cocoa producer, operating the world’s first Fair Trade and organic crude palm oil mill.

Project information

Committed budget
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Palm oil and cocoa
Partner focus
Committed budget
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Partner focus

Expected impact


Jobs created / maintained

Smallholder farmers linked to market
Increase in smallholder farmers' productivity

Jobs created / maintained

Smallholder farmers linked to market
Increase in smallholder farmers' productivity

SDU role

With the SDU’s support, Serendipalm aims to expand Fair Trade and organic palm oil and cocoa production capacity, increase productivity and improve post-harvest control. The SDU’s activities include: purchasing updated cutting equipment for local farmer cooperatives; installing centralised drying systems to improve cocoa bean quality; scaling-up dynamic agroforestry (DAF) implementation (see below); and providing training in best practices, certification and quality control. The SDU is focusing on Serendipalm’s existing farmers before extensively rolling out these initiatives.

Smart investment and support
Diversifying through DAF
Dynamic agroforestry (DAF) principles recreate natural rainforest habitats on smallholder plots by densely planting diverse species, which grow and interact dynamically. This creates optimal climate and shading conditions and is particularly conducive to organic farming. By scaling up DAF implementation, Serendipalm’s farmers are now intercropping timber, bananas and field crops and successfully diversifying income sources, while improving main crop productivity.

Our investments in Ghana

Investment Total invested Investment type Start date
B-BOVID Limited - Technical assistance 2020
Babator Farming Company (BFC) $6,900,000 Debt / Equity 2016
Faranaya Agribusiness Centre Ltd - Technical assistance 2018
Mother's Shea Limited (Naasakle International LLC) - Technical assistance 2018
Serendipalm Company Ltd - Technical assistance 2018