Kigali Farms Limited

Our social impact

Kigali Farms engaged over 1,400 farmers in 2017 and employed 57 FTE staff.
Lift in income
Kigali Farms employs numerous seasonal workers from the community surrounding the production site. This in an area with otherwise limited paid employment opportunities.
Food security
Kigali Farms’ oyster mushroom substrate sales specifically target rural nutrition. c.80% of all oyster mushrooms grown by smallholders were consumed by the household.
Excess production from the mushroom facility is donated to local neighbourhoods and charities.
The Challenges

The edible mushroom business is worth $20bn worldwide, but Africa is a net importer and its share of worldwide production is negligible. East Africa imports button mushrooms, yet has the markets, the climate and the raw materials to make button mushrooms a regional success. Edible mushrooms are also a nutritional powerhouse. Protein is 30% of the dry weight and they are also rich in minerals (zinc, iron) as well as vitamins.

Our Approach

AgDevCo’s investment of $450,000 has funded a modern button mushroom facility near Musanze, Rwanda. The investment is also funding the scale up of production. AgDevCo will continue to play an active role in advising the business on its marketing and export strategy into the East Africa region as well as support for its smallholder oyster mushroom programme.

Our Impact

• 49% of staff in 2017 were women.
• New income for local wheat farmers, paid for straw as a key input for mushroom substrate. Straw would otherwise be a waste bi-product.
• Supported the establishment of a modern button mushroom facility.
• Each year the smallholder oyster mushroom programme aims to generate income for local, rural communities as well as promoting production and consumption of highly nutritious oyster mushrooms.

Committed Investment
We believe we can deliver more impact by making investments that help responsible agribusinesses grow.
If you believe your business meets our investment criteria, we want to hear from you.
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