Our social impact

Kapani is an expanding commercial poultry company. The new investment is to increase production and processing facilities to allow for increased employment in the company as well as the introduction of a new formal smallholder production unit. Small holder farmers currently rely on live chicken sales only as they have not had access to processing facilities for the dressed or processed chicken market. This new arrangement will allow participating smallholders access to technical support related to improved practices and products and improved income as well as a guaranteed market for the first time and their own brand of processed poultry.
Lift in income
The uplift in income for employed personnel is $275 in the first year though this is expected to rise. There is a target uplift in smallholder income projected at an average of $1,124 per farmer but this will only be confirmed once the participating smallholders have been formally contracted. The contracting will only be done once the new abattoir is complete in April 2018.
Food security
The increased production of poultry products will benefit the increasing population of Lilongwe. The new processing facility will improve the quality of finished products and will be certified Halaal to cater for a large portion of the population that have restricted access to dressed products. The smallholders involved will be encouraged to produce food crops for themselves, their poultry and to sell any surplus to Kapani.
It is expected that 100 new jobs will be created within Kapani and that up to 1,000 smallholders will be recruited into the smallholder scheme.
The Challenges

Converting smallholders practicing traditional methods of husbandry to modern humane standards – the response would be expected to be positive in a properly supported environment with training and extension services. 

Our Approach

AgDevCo has invested US$1.8m into 7 new modern broiler houses and a new state-of-the-art Halaal qualifying abattoir with ancillaries which will more than double the present output of Kapani. The investment will also see the development of a smallholder poultry producer program within the environs of Lilongwe producing their own branded dressed poultry products.

Our Impact
  • An increase of 100 new employees in Kapani
  • An expected total of up to 1,000 supported small holder poultry farmers producing high quality poultry products in conditions that are up to IFC standards.
  • The income of the smallholders is expected to increase by an average of $1,124 per farmer.
Committed Investment
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