Our social impact

In 2017, KPL facilitated access for 1,104 farmers to microfinance loans, input provision and financial and agronomic training.
Lift in income
Since smallholder farmer support began, training in modern rice farming techniques has seen incomes increase and average yields grow from 1.6 MT/ha in 2009 to 4.02 MT/ha in 2017.
Food security
KPL’s current production capacity will allow it to grow up to 15,000 MT of rice paddy and 30,000 tons of maize annually.
The company has invested in local roads, electricity connections (to 83 households), on-site community medical facilities and school infrastructures.
Real lives
Christina Florian Mgwila, KILOMBERO PLANTATIONS LIMITED, Tanzania
Since joining KPL’s programme Christine’s rice yield has quadrupled through improved farming practices and access to finance for better fertilizers. For the first time ever she is now able to earn a living from her crops. Christine has finished building her house and two of her children no longer work on the farm. They go to secondary school instead.
"Our lives have changed massively – we are happy. I no longer worry about how to feed my family and can see a future in agriculture."
The Challenges

KPL is the largest commercial rice producer in Tanzania and operates on a scale seldom seen for other food crops in the country. Funding was required to develop a pivot irrigation scheme to improve yields on the commercial farm, allow for double cropping (maize and rice) and increase output to domestic and regional markets. The business is faced with an unreliable energy supply and has limited supporting infrastructure in its remote location in the Kilombero valley.

Our Approach

AgDevCo has funded the construction of a biomass gasifier plant on-farm (powered by rice husks – a by-product of the rice milling process) and to enable the roll-out of the 3,000ha irrigation scheme. AgDevCo is also promoting the development of KPL’s outgrower programme, enabling input credit packages and off-take contracts for smallholder farmers, previously trained by the company.

Our Impact
  • c.37% female smallholder beneficiaries in 2017.
  • On-site community clinic with ambulance service, built and subsidised by KPL.
  • Facilitated provision of 2MT of improved Saro 5 seeds and 14 MT of fertiliser to smallholders in 2017.
  • KPL helped farmers aggregate paddy in the smallholders’ warehouse and collectively sell the paddy to other buyers at higher prices.
Committed Investment
We believe we can deliver more impact by making investments that help responsible agribusinesses grow.
If you believe your business meets our investment criteria, we want to hear from you.
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