Our social impact

Tropha is developing multiple outgrower schemes with surrounding smallholder farmers, improving the livelihoods of over 1,100 farmers.
Lift in income
Macadamias command a high price and are experiencing increasing demand on global markets. Average annual incomes are expected to be $1,950 per farmer. Outgrowers with access to irrigation are expected to earn $850 per annum growing cash crops.
Food security
The production of high-quality, safe macadamia nuts provides a valuable source of high protein and fat for the community. Local farmers will have access to 100ha of year-round irrigation to grow food crops.
1,400 new jobs are expected to be created across the macadamia hub farms, processing facility and annual food crop cultivation.
Real lives
Soloman Ngwira, JACOMA - TROPHA, Malawi
In 2008 Soloman started working as foreman in the nursery – a simple operation propagating coffee and macadamia seedlings. Since AgDevCo’s investment, new technical skills have enabled the nursery to scale up significantly – it now stocks 100,000 trees to supply smallholder farmers. In 2014 Soloman was promoted to supervisor, responsible for maintaining the nursery operations and managing a team of 12 people.
"The training and irrigation we’ve received has improved the quality of our estate. It’s changed our prospects fundamentally. "
The Challenges

A key challenge for smallholder farmers in Malawi is the country’s poor infrastructure and the dearth of commercial processing and marketing enterprises, which makes it difficult to get goods to market. Tropha is helping to counter these significant obstacles in the underdeveloped, northern part of the country, where poverty is particularly acute and where it can make the most social impact.

Our Approach

AgDevCo invested $5.7m to develop a 1,170ha irrigated farming hub of two macadamia farms, an annual crop farm and a 1,000 MT macadamia processing facility. The financing was structured as $3.7m of loans into Tropha and a $2.0m equity investment into its parent company, Jacoma Estates. In addition to using throughput from the hub estates, Tropha aims to source from over 1,000 smallholder farmers by 2026, improving these farmers’ access to a profitable value chain and developing local emergent farmers into SME agriculture businesses. The funding will also provide up to 100 hectares of year-round irrigation to local smallholder farmers to grow cash crops, such as chillies, and food crops.

Our Impact
  • Cumulative additional farmer revenue to date of $143 from macadamias, grown alongside existing crops.
  • 756 jobs to be generated across the three farms and the processing facility.
  • The processing facility is expected to employ a majority of women.
  • Tropha is helping to promote Malawi’s international reputation as a high-quality macadamia nut producer.
Committed Investment
We believe we can deliver more impact by making investments that help responsible agribusinesses grow.
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