Our social impact

933 smallholders supported through GADCO’s Copa Connect outgrower scheme and the Fievie ingrower scheme. GADCO created and sustained 192 FTE jobs.
Lift in income
Income uplift for employees amounted to $1,194 in 2017. Smallholder farmers received an income uplift of $250 per farmer by significantly increasing their yields by having access to inputs as well as agricultural and mechanisation advice.
Food security
In 2017, the company milled 2,724 MT of rice for the local market.
The business provides community irrigated farming plots for local use. A successful restructuring helped sustain employment in the community.
The Challenges

GADCO is a fully-irrigated commercial rice producer and processor, focusing on the production of high-quality rice at its 1,000ha nucleus farm and linking surrounding outgrower farmers to markets. Ghana is increasingly reliant on food imports, especially high-priced rice. Whilst local rice growing conditions are favourable, farmers lack access to aromatic and long grain varieties (and associated inputs) that are in demand locally and command high prices.

Our Approach

AgDevCo’s investment in GADCO is supporting the expansion of the nucleus rice farm and the sustainable growth of the outgrower programme. Following the successful restructuring, GADCO’s outgrower program (Copa Connect) and the Wienco (RMG) rice outgrower schemes have been successfully merged under the Copa Connect Brand. With AgDevCo’s support, GADCO aims to become a leading rice producer and milling operation for the domestic market in Ghana and to expand its outgrower programme to 3,000 farmers.

Our Impact
  • 2,724 MT of high quality rice produced locally in 2017.

  • 933 local farmers integrated into GADCO's supply chain and given access to improved seeds and inputs for both seasons during 2017.

  • 276 out of 933 farmers are female.

  • Farmers provided with input credit, mechanisation and processing advisory services.

  • GADCO’s programmes provide irrigated farming plots to Fieve landlords and the local community and services to outgrowers.


Committed Investment
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