Our social impact

Eco Farm engages with two sugarcane cooperatives (more than 500 families) to help them access finance to develop their own sugarcane plantation. In 2017, Eco Farm employed 810 FTE employees (more than 50% being permanent employees).
Lift in income
Eco Farm provided bulls with better genetics to 100 livestock farmers resulting in an income uplift equal to $285 per farmer. The 810 FTE employees had an uplift to $1,600 each.
Food security
The project will develop 760 ha of commercial sugarcane, 400 ha for outgrower sugarcane, 100 ha of irrigated food crops for the outgrowers and 120 ha of fodder crops for cattle.
Eco Farm is one of the largest employers in the region and its commercial operations are directly linked to the development of outgrower schemes.
The Challenges

Eco Farm is a greenfield organic sugar project development in Chemba, Sofala Province, Mozambique. It will rent a large part of the land area to sugarcane outgrowers, put in place an irrigation system and build the region’s only sugar mill. This project is capital intensive and requires financial as well as organisational support, the contract farming element being crucial to the project.

Our Approach

AgDevCo is actively participating in the development of the project by providing technical assistance. It provides several loans to finance the capital expenditure for irrigation and working capital requirements. It also has a 25% equity stake. AgDevCo has been instrumental in leveraging considerable additional funding from investors ($17.7m). 


Our Impact
  • Eco Farm will be the first organic sugar export business in Mozambique.

  • More than 800 FTE jobs in 2017.

  • Average salary in 2017 was $1,600 per capita.

  • Female employees received training on traditional male roles, setting a positive example.

  • Functional stud bulls are provided to local communities to improve their livestock genetics, thereby increasing their income substantially.

Committed Investment
We believe we can deliver more impact by making investments that help responsible agribusinesses grow.
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