CHC Commodities

Provider of storage and handling, sourcing bulk commodities from buying depots across Zambia.

Project information

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Maize, soya beans, sorghum, groundnuts, cassava
Partner focus
Committed budget
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Partner focus

Expected impact


Jobs created / maintained

Smallholder farmers linked to market
Increase in smallholder farmers' productivity

Jobs created / maintained

Smallholder farmers linked to market
Increase in smallholder farmers' productivity

SDU role

The SDU team is helping CHC to develop closer direct relationships with smallholder farmers in order to tighten its supplier base to meet market demand. With SDU’s support, CHC is training around 10,000 smallholder farmers in three provinces, showcasing good agricultural practices at 125 demonstration plots, rewarding top-performing farmers at field days, and establishing decentralised buying and processing points to provide a reliable, accessible, and transparent market for farmers to sell cereal and cash crops.

Smart investment and support
Climate change mitigation
SDU’s involvement in building CHC’s relationships with smallholder farmers is having considerable knock-on benefits as CHC’s ability to buy and trade several commodities is encouraging farmers to expand their own crop portfolio. This lessens the risk associated with growing a single crop, enables farmers to better withstand fluctuating market prices and improves longer-term soil quality through efficient crop rotation.

Our investments in Zambia

Investment Total invested Investment type Start date
CHC Commodities - Technical assistance 2017
Goldenlay - Debt / Equity 2019
Ilobezi Limited $1,200,000 Debt / Equity 2016
Katito Farming Enterprises Ltd $9,200,000 Debt / Equity 2017
Saise Farming Enterprises Ltd (SFEL) $5,715,000 Debt / Equity 2016
Silverlands Ranching Ltd (SRL) - Technical assistance 2018