Our social impact

99 FTE jobs created and sustained in 2017, of which 53% were women.
Lift in income
The average income uplift amounted to $2,013 per FTE employee, which is significant given the rural setting of the farm.
Food security
The equivalent of 2,000 MT of cereals (maize, sorghum, grain and seed) and 4,000 MT of onions can be grown annually at BFC for the local market.
BFC is engaging extensively with the Babator community and surrounding villages, has set up committees and focal persons for communication purposes, and has conducted trainings on grievance mechanisms.
The Challenges

There is virtually no large-scale farming operation in this region of the country. Through this flagship project, AgDevCo is aiming to start developing a supply chain and enhance the attractiveness of Northern Ghana for experienced commercial farming companies. Challenges include dealing with Ghana’s informal land tenure system, lack of commercial farming expertise, environmental, social and governance risks, community acceptance and raising capital. These challenges are identical to the larger Babator Irrigated Farming Hub (BIFH) project. Recruitment of workers with the right skills set in this remote area is a challenge that has been addressed successfully so far. 

Our Approach

AgDevCo has created BFC and committed a total $7.4m to establish a 356ha modern farm and prove that commercial farming can be sustainable in this part of Ghana, under irrigation. BFC is the first phase implementation of the larger BIFH project and will be used to catalyse further investments into the BIFH area. AgDevCo has provided a commercial proof-of-concept at BFC.

Our Impact
  • 99 full-time equivalent jobs created
  • 53% of all jobs created were for women (84% among seasonable labourers)
  • 356 ha of modern irrigation infrastructure installed
  • Average income uplift of $2k per full-time equivalent employee
  • 8.9km of road built
Committed Investment
We believe we can deliver more impact by making investments that help responsible agribusinesses grow.
If you believe your business meets our investment criteria, we want to hear from you.
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