Our social impact

Afri-Oils purchased groundnuts from over 18,000 small-scale farmers in Malawi in 2017, integrating them into a regional export-focused value chain.
Lift in income
Farmers engaged by the business benefited from access to global markets and received an annual income uplift of $50 per smallholder.
Food security
As the preferred supplier to a manufacturer of ready-to-use-therapeutic-food paste, the company will tackle malnutrition in the region.
Farmers receive training on aflatoxin prevention reducing health risk posed from consuming contaminated groundnuts.
The Challenges

Malawi used to have a dynamic groundnut industry before aflatoxin became a major constraint to its ability to export globally. Groundnuts are an important source of income and food for its farmers with aflatoxin posing a risk to both their livelihoods and health. Aflatoxin is a systemic problem in the production of groundnuts in Malawi. As well as climatic challenges, there are issues around the growing, harvest and handling of the groundnuts by the smallholders resulting from a lack of knowledge and incentives.

Our Approach

AgDevCo’s investment, alongside a Dutch grant, will finance a new state-of-the-art factory and equipment to process and add value to locally grown groundnuts. Afri-Oils will establish links with farmers and deliver training on aflatoxin control to improve the quality and pricing of the groundnuts in the field. Combined with enhanced handling and processing techniques, the aim is to demonstrate that Malawi can meet international standards and through this revive the groundnut export industry, with significant income uplift potential for smallholders.

Our Impact
  •  3,098t of groundnuts purchased from smallholders, 50% of them being women.
  • Training of an expected 40,000 farmers in best practices throughout the value chain.
  • Afri-Oils will bring Malawi in line with international export standards.
  • Reduced aflatoxin levels will also benefit local communities who consume groundnuts as staple food.
Committed Investment
We believe we can deliver more impact by making investments that help responsible agribusinesses grow.
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