Our social impact

In 2017, AC Matama increased the number of FTE employees to 169 and 53 farmers were involved in the outreach programme.
Lift in income
Income uplift for smallholders was $145 per person in 2017 thanks to inputs and technical support/training provided by AC Matama.
Food security
In 2017, the company produced maize, soya, sugar beans and potatoes across 1,000 ha and sold its produce to the local markets. Maize was also distributed to five communities.
AC Matama created a training centre on the farm for agricultural course to teach best agronomic practices. Assistance was given to local primary schools with workbenches and roofing materials. Placement programmes were offered to two Universities.
The Challenges

AC Matama is a large-scale soya and maize operation in Lichinga, Mozambique. Food security in the region is not assured and the company seeks to tackle this issue by engaging with smallholders and providing the community with training, inputs and employment opportunities. The distances to market and cost of transport and logistics hinder viable expansion.

Our Approach

AgDevCo supports AC Matama through a $500,000 long-term loan that finances the development of an irrigation scheme. This allows the company to grow additional crops during the dry season and diversify its offerings, while securing food supplies to local markets. Additionally, AgDevCo provides guidance on the design and implementation of an outgrower scheme that started in 2015.

Our Impact
  • Training and inputs provided to the community.
  • Permanent female employees increased from 9% to 21% of the permanent workforce in 2017.
  • Yields above target in 2017.
  • Assistance and building materials provided to primary schools.
Committed Investment
We believe we can deliver more impact by making investments that help responsible agribusinesses grow.
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