What we do

We finance

We provide long-term risk capital, and seasonal working capital. We can also offer matching funding to commercial businesses to support the development of their smallholder farmer programmes.

We engage

We work closely with our investees as collaborative, yet challenging, partners. Our engagement allows for a better mutual understanding of each investment’s opportunities and risks, which facilitates and accelerates business improvements.

We support

We support our investees both at an operational and strategic level, giving them practical, day-to-day commercial and agronomic advice, tailored to their needs and business models. AgDevCo employees or nominees also act as board members of the investee businesses, sharing best practice information on systems and standards.

We innovate

We apply our knowledge of agriculture and our experience of working in Africa to identify how to use available land supply in new and productive ways, grow different products, innovate irrigation practices and forge new commercial connections.

We connect

Using our global networks, we connect our investee businesses to stakeholders across agricultural food chains such as technical experts, seed suppliers and off-takers. We also develop smallholder schemes, which link smallholder farmers to agribusinesses and give them access to quality inputs, training and markets.
Specialist support