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16 August 2019
A Practical Guide to Developing Inclusive Outgrower Schemes

In this three-step guidance document AgDevCo shares lessons learned and practical tips to help commercial agribusinesses realise their full business potential through well-designed and inclusive smallholder outgrower schemes.

12 August 2019
AgDevCo makes first investment in Côte d'Ivoire

AgDevCo is pleased to announce a €8.7 million investment into the DekelOil group, a leading agribusiness operating in the palm oil and cashew sectors in West Africa, which places smallholder farmers at the heart of its operations.

15 July 2019
AgDevCo expands portfolio in Tanzania to develop the avocado industry and export

AgDevCo is pleased to announce a multi-million Euro investment in Africado, a successful avocado company based in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania. Africado grows avocados on its own farm and purchases high quality fruit from surrounding famers for export to Europe with full supply chain traceability.  

3 July 2019
AgDevCo Responsible Business Principles

AgDevCo's responsible business principles.

7 June 2019
AgDevCo Brochure 2019

Our brochure gives an overview of what we do and how we work. This version was updated in June 2019 and gives details of our portfolio and impact as of this date. Our brochure also includes six short case studies which provide a deeper insight into the impact that our investments have on agribusinesses, rural livelihoods, and agro-economies.

6 June 2019
AgDevCo Announces First Investment in Kenya

AgDevCo is pleased to announce its first investment in Kenya. In partnership with Root Capital, AgDevCo is providing a US$5.0 million facility to a market-leading consortium of macadamia processors and exporters.

14 May 2019
Barak appointed to manage working capital facility for agricultural SMEs in Africa

AgDevCo and KfW are pleased to announce the appointment of Barak Fund Management Limited as the new manager of LAFCo, a working capital facility dedicated to agricultural SMEs in Sub-Saharan Africa.

13 May 2019
Case Study: Transforming Communities in Northern Malawi

This is a case study of the transformational change our investment in Jacoma has had on Northern Malawi and the Malawi macadamia industry.

10 May 2019
Case Study: Stimulating the Potato Value Chain in Zambia

This is a case study of the transformational change our investment in Saise Farm Enterprises Limited has had on Northern Zambia and the Zambian potato industry.


9 May 2019
AgDevCo organic cocoa investment is first deal in Sierra Leone

AgDevCo is pleased to announce an investment in Tradin Organic to source organic cocoa directly from certified small-holder farmers in Sierra Leone linking them to manufacturers in Europe, the USA and Asia.

25 April 2019
AgDevCo announces a $3m investment in Rwandan maize milling company, Minimex Limited

AgDevCo is pleased to announce its latest investment in Rwanda’s rapidly growing agribusiness sector. The UK-based social impact investor, which is backed by UK Aid, has closed a $3 million mezzanine loan with Minimex Limited, a maize milling company. This builds on a portfolio which comprises Kigali Farms, a mushroom grower; and Uzima, a day-old chick producer.

1 April 2019
Article: The Potential To Commercialise Hermetic Storage Bags in Zambia: An Analysis of the Market

This report analyses losses incurred by smallholder farmers due to traditional grain storage practices in Zambia. We assess how the introduction of hermetic technology could improve post-harvest losses while offering practical suggestions.