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30 June 2020
Article: Using radio to reach smallholder farmers

Radio offers significant opportunities to agribusinesses and other organisations to communicate with smallholder farmers. 

3 June 2020
A guide to technology implementation in agribusinesses (part 3):

The third part of AgDevCo's guidelines discusses how to use pilot testing and iteration to reduce risk and uncertainty in digital technology projects.

22 May 2020
AgDevCo expands agri-portfolio in East Africa, with low-cost grain storage solution for smallholder farmers

AgDevCo is pleased to announce a long-term debt investment into Pee Pee Tanzania Limited (PPTL), a regional leader in the production of grain storage bags.

31 March 2020
A guide to technology implementation in agribusinesses (part 2):

The second part of AgDevCo's guidelines for agribusinesses on digital technology projects focuses on working with technology providers.

19 March 2020
AgDevCo Covid-19 Update

With the spread of Covid-19, we face challenging times both in our African countries of operation and in our home base in the UK.  The wellbeing of our staff and contractors, and our investees, their workforces and suppliers is our priority.  AgDevCo has taken a range of measures to address these matters and to maintain business continuity. 

18 March 2020
Can food sprays help smallholder farmers control pests? Experience from Uganda

The Gulu Agricultural Development Company (GADC) in northern Uganda works with tens of thousands of smallholder farmers who produce organic cotton. Organic production is often challenged by the large numbers of pests which attack the crop, notably the African bollworm, aphids and various species of sucking bugs. 

20 January 2020
Video as a tool to enhance farmers’ skills and knowledge – the business case

This short guide summarises the business case for using video to communicate with and provide training to smallholder farmers.

16 January 2020
Video as a tool to enhance farmers’ skills and knowledge

Many agribusinesses are now using video as a tool to communicate with smallholder farmers and to provide extension services effectively and efficiently. This document provides practical guidance for agribusiness managers on deciding how to use video, developing content, and on how to share videos with farmers.

16 January 2020
A guide to technology implementation in agribusinesses (part 1):

Digital technologies provide great opportunities for agribusinesses to streamline their operations, create new business models, expand to new markets, and reach more smallholder farmers. This document provides step-by-step guidance for agribusinesses to assess their requirements and develop a technology strategy, based on AgDevCo's experience of working with several of our investees and partners as they go through this process.


29 November 2019
AgDevCo expands agri investment portfolio in Zambia to develop the egg industry

AgDevCo is pleased to announce its latest investment in Zambia’s agribusiness sector. The

20 September 2019
AgDevCo Celebrates its 10-Year Anniversary

AgDevCo celebrated its 10-year anniversary this week by bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, donors and others focused on the development of sustainable agriculture in Africa.

9 September 2019
AgDevCo Brochure 2019 (10 Year Anniversary Edition)

Our brochure gives an overview of what we do and how we work. This version was updated in September 2019 and gives details of our portfolio and impact as of this date. Our brochure also includes six short case studies which provide a deeper insight into the impact that our investments have on agribusinesses, rural livelihoods, and agro-economies.