Infographics: Worker rights and expectations

29 June 2021

AgDevCo has released infographics on worker rights and expectations, suitable for any African workplace. They are available free of charge in multiple languages (Swahili, Twi, Chichewa, French, English and Portuguese). 

Helping our investees build job quality, decent work and gender equality is a key part of AgDevCo’s development impact.  Through our technical assistance facility (TAF) work we offer portfolio companies many resources to support the development and implementation of formalised HR systems and documentation.

AgDevCo requires all our portfolio companies to have a policy of Zero Tolerance for harassment, to provide a grievance mechanism including an anonymous channel, and to brief their workers on these matters.  However, information on worker rights and expectations of workers in their roles is often bound up in complex employment contracts and HR manuals which can be challenging for those workers with limited literacy in official business languages. 

Twi/ Ghana