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3 August 2021
Case Study: GADC - How employment impacts women’s wellbeing and empowerment

Read AgDevCo’s latest research on how employment in our portfolio helps empower women.  This case study is on the amazing work done at Gulu Agriculture Development Company (GADC). 

7 June 2021
Article: Gender equality training for more successful smallholder production

This article highlights the success of Taylor Winch Tanzania in delivering the Gender Action Learning System (GALS), a community-led empowerment methodology that aims to give smallholder producers – particularly women – greater control over their lives.

19 November 2020
Case Study: Uzima Chicken Ltd - The Impact of Improved Poultry in Rwanda

Uzima Chicken Limited is an East African poultry company that produces and distributes Sasso breed chickens in Rwanda and Uganda. The company’s aim is to create value for rural households by providing better quality meat and eggs for consumption and sale.

30 June 2020
Article: How to keep in touch with farmers during the pandemic?

Agribusinesses are increasingly exploring how digital communication can help build relationships with smallholder farmers. 

3 June 2020
A guide to technology implementation in agribusinesses (part 3):

The third part of AgDevCo's guidelines discusses how to use pilot testing and iteration to reduce risk and uncertainty in digital technology projects.

31 March 2020
A guide to technology implementation in agribusinesses (part 2):

The second part of AgDevCo's guidelines for agribusinesses on digital technology projects focuses on working with technology providers.

16 January 2020
A guide to technology implementation in agribusinesses (part 1):

Digital technologies provide great opportunities for agribusinesses to streamline their operations, create new business models, expand to new markets, and reach more smallholder farmers. This document provides step-by-step guidance for agribusinesses to assess their requirements and develop a technology strategy, based on AgDevCo's experience of working with several of our investees and partners as they go through this process.


16 August 2019
A Practical Guide to Developing Inclusive Outgrower Schemes

In this three-step guidance document AgDevCo shares lessons learned and practical tips to help commercial agribusinesses realise their full business potential through well-designed and inclusive smallholder outgrower schemes.

3 July 2019
AgDevCo Responsible Business Principles

AgDevCo's responsible business principles.

6 June 2018
Blog post: Three practical steps agribusinesses can take to help close the gender gap in smallholder outgrower schemes

In this blog post, Sandi Roberts explains three practical steps agribusinesses can take to help close the gender gap in smallholder outgrower schemes. 

27 March 2018
Gender Lens Investing: The Case For Empowering Women

In this report, we share research-based insights and practical findings from our gender research for the benefit of the wider investment community, including investors who are interested in ESG issues in general, as well as those operating in the agriculture sector of sub-Saharan Africa.