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26 January 2021
AgDevCo Climate Change Statement

AgDevCo is part of the solution to addressing climate change in Africa. Our investments in the agriculture sector reduce carbon emissions in supply chains and help farming communities adapt to changing weather patterns.

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22 May 2020
AgDevCo expands agri-portfolio in East Africa, with low-cost grain storage solution for smallholder farmers

AgDevCo is pleased to announce a long-term debt investment into Pee Pee Tanzania Limited (PPTL), a regional leader in the production of grain storage bags.

18 March 2020
Can food sprays help smallholder farmers control pests? Experience from Uganda

The Gulu Agricultural Development Company (GADC) in northern Uganda works with tens of thousands of smallholder farmers who produce organic cotton. Organic production is often challenged by the large numbers of pests which attack the crop, notably the African bollworm, aphids and various species of sucking bugs. 

3 July 2019
AgDevCo Responsible Business Principles

AgDevCo's responsible business principles.

1 April 2019
Article: The Potential To Commercialise Hermetic Storage Bags in Zambia: An Analysis of the Market

This report analyses losses incurred by smallholder farmers due to traditional grain storage practices in Zambia. We assess how the introduction of hermetic technology could improve post-harvest losses while offering practical suggestions.

19 November 2018
AgDevCo – Sustainable Development Goals

By investing across agricultural value chains in Africa, AgDevCo is helping businesses find commercial innovative solutions to meet SDGs.