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22 January 2018
AgDevCo invests in clean energy scheme in Tanzania to power local tea factory

AgDevCo is pleased to announce it has closed a $2.5 million investment in the Suma Hydro project, a 1 mega-watt (MW) hydroelectric power plant in Tanzania’s Southern Highlands. 

13 December 2017
AgDevCo invests further US$1.95 million in Katito, Northern Zambia Agricultural Hub

AgDevCo, an impact investor, announced a second-round investment of US$1.95m into Katito Farming Enterprises Limited (“Katito”) in Mbala, Northern Zambia. This follows an investment of US$5.05m in 2016. 

10 December 2017
Case Study: Successful models to empower women in outgrower schemes.

Despite contributing substantially to agricultural production, female farmers in sub-Saharan Africa face numerous constraints that limit their productivity and their inclusion in smallholder schemes.

1 December 2017
Podcast: Mastercard Foundation

In this interview, Sandi Roberts explains how helping agribusinesses in Africa can help smallholder farmers produce more and increase their incomes.

8 November 2017
AgDevCo Announces Partnerships in Senegal and Mozambique to Boost Smallholder Farmer Incomes

AgDevCo’s Smallholder Development Unit (SDU) today announced new partnerships with a Senegalese rice miller and a Mozambican livestock company. 

18 October 2017
AgDevCo Invests in Rwandan Poultry Company

Uzima is an early-stage poultry company which provides day old chicks to smallholder farmers throughout Rwanda.

4 September 2017
AgDevCo invests in a rehabilitated Mozambican-owned banana plantation with $1.5m

AgDevCo is pleased to announce a $1.5m investment into Citrum. 

29 August 2017
AgDevCo invests in Katito Farming Enterprises Limited, Mbala

AgDevCo is pleased to announce a $5.05m investment into Katito Farming Enterprises Limited (Katito).

21 August 2017
AgDevCo Invests in Ugandan Maize and Cassava Miller, Talian Company

AgDevCo is pleased to announce a $450,000 debt investment into a Ugandan milling business, Talian Company Limited.

24 July 2017
AgDevCo invests in Tanzanian poultry business, Kingchick Poultry

AgDevCo is pleased to announce a $255,000 debt investment into Tanzanian poultry business, Kingchick Poultry.

19 June 2017
RMG Concept Ltd invests $1.75m in the Babator Farming Company Ltd

RMG Concept Ltd (“RMG”), a leading West African agribusiness group, has completed the purchase of 70% of the shares of the Babator Farming Company Ltd (“BFC”) for a total investment of $1.75m.

18 April 2017
AgDevCo SDU Case Study April 2017

AgDevCo, in collaboration with The MasterCard Foundation and UKAID, launched the Smallholder Development Unit (SDU) to work with rural agricultural enterprises to develop equitable outgrower schemes that will boost productivity and incomes for half a million smallholder farmers.