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28 June 2021
AgDevCo Impact Brochure 2020

AgDevCo provides more than capital; we are long-term partners for growth and impact. 

Corporate Information
7 June 2021
Article: Gender equality training for more successful smallholder production

This article highlights the success of Taylor Winch Tanzania in delivering the Gender Action Learning System (GALS), a community-led empowerment methodology that aims to give smallholder producers – particularly women – greater control over their lives.

7 June 2021
Case study: Facebook Farmers - A new customer base for African agribusinesses

Inputs distributor Agrigrow has doubled its sales in Tanzania with a Facebook campaign supported by AgDevCo’s Smallholder Development Unit. 

8 April 2021
AgDevCo invests a further $3m investment into Uzima Chicken Limited, a Rwandan poultry company.

AgDevCo is pleased to announce a USD 3.0 million follow-on mezzanine debt investment into Uzima Chicken Limited, a poultry company operating in Rwanda and Uganda.

29 March 2021
Case Study: Taylor Winch - A Cooperative Future

This case study explores how Taylor Winch Tanzania, with support from the AgDevCo Smallholder Development Unit (SDU), is strengthening coffee smallholder co-operatives for better quality, higher volumes, and greater social impact. 

17 March 2021
Five Years of the SDU: A series of celebratory events

To mark 5 years of the SDU, AgDevCo is convening a series of celebratory virtual events between Wednesday 24th March and Friday 26th March 2021. 

26 January 2021
AgDevCo Climate Change Statement

AgDevCo is part of the solution to addressing climate change in Africa. Our investments in the agriculture sector reduce carbon emissions in supply chains and help farming communities adapt to changing weather patterns.

Corporate Information
19 November 2020
Case Study: Uzima Chicken Ltd - The Impact of Improved Poultry in Rwanda

Uzima Chicken Limited is an East African poultry company that produces and distributes Sasso breed chickens in Rwanda and Uganda. The company’s aim is to create value for rural households by providing better quality meat and eggs for consumption and sale.

18 November 2020
Case Study: The Impact of Afrimac's Supply Chain

In 2019, AgDevCo provided a syndicated working capital facility1 to a consortium of Kenyan macadamia processing companies to fund macadamia purchases from smallholder suppliers and cooperatives. The facility was renewed and increased for 2020. 

21 October 2020
Press Release: EFAfrica Group Ltd raises $12m new equity for regional expansion

EFAfrica Group (EFAG) is a purpose-driven business which aims to become the leading equipment leasing provider for SMEs in Africa, driving job creation and poverty alleviation.

16 October 2020
Article: Systems of success - effective aggregation and scaling in smallholder farmer schemes

AgDevCo’s Smallholder Development Unit (SDU) has been convening periodic virtual knowledge sharing sessions for its partner businesses, as we all work to understand the implications of the Covid-19 pandemic for African agribusiness and their smallholder producers and customers. 

8 October 2020
Case Study: The emerging transformational impact of AgDevCo’s investment in Westfalia Fruto

AgDevCo’s investments don’t just generate direct impact, they can also transform markets.