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18 April 2017
Case study: AgDevCo’s SDU presents our case study which investigates the practical lessons and underlying principles of success of six smallholder outgrower schemes.

The schemes featured represent a cross-section of value chains, from high-value horticulture (bananas) to commodity crops (maize and sugarcane), small livestock (broilers), and seed (flowers). Understanding the lessons of these schemes and why they have been successful will help to inform the design of new outgrower schemes, minimise mistakes, and ensure both companies and growers reap the benefits. 

20 March 2017
AgDevCo and CDC invest US$11.5m in Jacoma Estates Group to Expand its Malawian Farming Operations

New investment will bring irrigation and access to export markets for local farmers.

6 March 2017
AgDevCo successfully exits first phase of irrigated sugar and food crops project in Malawi

Four years ago, AgDevCo took a pioneering risk by investing half a million dollars in a newly formed smallholder farmer co-operative, called the Phata Co-operative, in southern Malawi.

22 February 2017
AgDevCo Invests in Rwandan Mushroom Grower

Kigali Farms grows high quality mushrooms for the regional markets and supports over 1,700 smallholder producers.

4 October 2016
AgDevCo Invests $1.6m in Malawi sugarcane out growers cooperative

Phata Sugarcane Outgrowers Cooperative is replicating the very successful first phase of its business plan by expanding its membership by an additional 880 farmers.

5 September 2016
AgDevCo Invests $1.5m in Malawi Peanut Factory

Afri-Industries Limited aims to revive Malawi’s groundnut export industry, with benefits for tens of thousands of smallholder farmers.


1 June 2016
AgDevCo Update June 2016

An overview of AgDevCo updated in June 2016

18 May 2016
AgDevCo Invests $1.1m in Zambian Feedlot

Ilobezi Limited aims to provide a reliable market for smallholder cattle and sunflower seed in Zambia’s Southern Province. The company, Ilobezi Limited, is a growing feedlot purchasing cattle from indigenous farmers. Additionally, Ilobezi will purchase sunflower seed from smallholders, while providing support in the form of improved seed and extension services. Offering farmers an alternative crop such as sunflower, which is less prone to drought, will allow farmers to diversify, making them more resilient to climate change while improving incomes.


15 December 2015
AgDevCo Launches US$15.4 Million Initiative to Boost Smallholder Farmer Incomes in Africa

AgDevCo, in partnership with The MasterCard Foundation, today announced a US$15.4 million initiative to boost the incomes of smallholder farmers in seven African countries (Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia)