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22 January 2024
Article: Outcomes and Lessons Learned from ESMS capacity building at investees in Malawi

In July 2022, AgDevCo engaged a Malawi-based development consulting firm, C12 Consultants, to assist with the development and implementation of environmental and social management systems (ESMS) at four investees in Malawi. This was funded through AgDevCo’s Technical Assistance Facility (TAF). 

21 August 2023
Article: How to engage women farmers more effectively in the value chain? Hear from four industry practitioners.

A blog post sharing achievements and lessons learned on how to engage women more effectively in the value chain. Four agribusinesses (including AgDevCo investees) across various value chains share their insights. 

18 August 2023
Article: Building investee capacity on business integrity and fraud prevention

A blog post about how AgDevCo supports investees to build capacity on business integrity and fraud prevention.

1 November 2021
Article: Africa needs more irrigation to increase agricultural production

Communities in low-yielding agricultural regions like Chikwawa face further challenges from climate change, so the need for good irrigation will grow. Sub Saharan Africa is a climate change hotspot, with intense storms in some parts, longer, hotter dry spells in others – like Chikwawa. 

3 August 2021
Case Study: GADC - How employment impacts women’s wellbeing and empowerment

Read AgDevCo’s latest research on how employment in our portfolio helps empower women.  This case study is on the amazing work done at Gulu Agriculture Development Company (GADC). 

7 June 2021
Article: Gender equality training for more successful smallholder production

This article highlights the success of Taylor Winch Tanzania in delivering the Gender Action Learning System (GALS), a community-led empowerment methodology that aims to give smallholder producers – particularly women – greater control over their lives.

7 June 2021
Case study: Facebook Farmers - A new customer base for African agribusinesses

Inputs distributor Agrigrow has doubled its sales in Tanzania with a Facebook campaign supported by AgDevCo’s Smallholder Development Unit. 

29 March 2021
Case Study: Taylor Winch - A Cooperative Future

This case study explores how Taylor Winch Tanzania, with support from the AgDevCo Smallholder Development Unit (SDU), is strengthening coffee smallholder co-operatives for better quality, higher volumes, and greater social impact. 

19 November 2020
Case Study: Uzima Chicken Ltd - The Impact of Improved Poultry in Rwanda

Uzima Chicken Limited is an East African poultry company that produces and distributes Sasso breed chickens in Rwanda and Uganda. The company’s aim is to create value for rural households by providing better quality meat and eggs for consumption and sale.

18 November 2020
Case Study: The Impact of Afrimac's Supply Chain

In 2019, AgDevCo provided a syndicated working capital facility1 to a consortium of Kenyan macadamia processing companies to fund macadamia purchases from smallholder suppliers and cooperatives. The facility was renewed and increased for 2020. 

16 October 2020
Article: Systems of success - effective aggregation and scaling in smallholder farmer schemes

AgDevCo’s Smallholder Development Unit (SDU) has been convening periodic virtual knowledge sharing sessions for its partner businesses, as we all work to understand the implications of the Covid-19 pandemic for African agribusiness and their smallholder producers and customers.