Governance and risk

We can only achieve our objectives and expect our investees to adopt sustainable practices by demonstrating robustness in our own processes and procedures. Our key governance committees are set out below:

Board and Investment Committees

Responsible for decisions including credit and investment approvals made by the Board and Investment Committee (subject to agreed delegated authorities to committees and management). AgDevCo has instituted a Remuneration Committee and a Board-approved Remuneration Policy and Procedure.

CEO and Executive Committee

Responsible for the management of the business, and includes the sub-committee for Portfolio Management.

Investment teams

Based in-country and in London, responsible for investment identification, appraisal, monitoring and evaluation, with support from corporate teams as appropriate.

Commercial Agriculture Team

As far as possible located in Africa with advisers having a dual reporting responsibility to both the Commercial Agriculture Director and the relevant Country Director.

Smallholder Development Unit (SDU)

This team is an important component of the support we provide to delivering successful smallholder schemes.

Corporate Teams

Including finance, legal and portfolio functions led from London, working closely with Country offices.

Our risk management approach

We analyse the risk profile of each investment we undertake as part of the due diligence process, and monitor each investee’s financial and impact performance on an ongoing basis. All investments are subject to a quarterly review by the Portfolio Management sub-Committee, and the Audit and Risk Committee meets quarterly to review the Risk Register and performance in line with AgDevCo’s Risk Policy. This Register contains the wider set of risks that AgDevCo faces, and is used to guide the most appropriate risk mitigation actions. Urgent items are brought to the attention of the Committees immediately between scheduled meetings.