Our social impact

RAC runs an extensive smallholder scheme of 4,169 farmers and employs 189 FTE staff.
Lift in income
RAC provides a guaranteed price to smallholders for export quality fruit. In 2016, RAC purchased almost 578t of smallholder produce for export to Europe, up from 147t in 2015.
Food security
100ha microjet irrigation system has improved yields on the commercial farm. Technical advice and input support to smallholders has also allowed some farmers to receive a second, off-season crop from their trees for the first time.
Smallholders are supplied with inputs to improve nutrition and resistance of crops. RAC is also training smallholders to receive Global G.A.P. certification.
The Challenges

Rungwe Avocado Company (RAC) is an avocado producer and exporter, linking a large number of smallholder avocado producers to export markets. The business supports over 4,100 outgrowers, providing inputs and services as well as purchasing through guaranteed off-take agreements. Additional financing was required to develop irrigation on the commercial farm and support the on-going development of its supply chain and outgrower production base.

Our Approach

AgDevCo’s investment of $1,500,000 has funded the installation of 100 ha of micro-jet irrigation on the commercial farm and the continued support of the outgrower scheme. The funding has also enabled further development of the cold storage supply chain and distribution channels to facilitate access to export markets.

Our Impact
  • 1,423t of avocados exported to Europe in 2016.
  • Only business in the region to export fresh produce to Europe.
  • Global G.A.P. training being rolled out to farmers. Number of farmers selling export-quality fruit increased from 250 in 2015 to 1,250 in 2016.
Committed Investment
We believe we can make more impact by looking for new ways to tackle poverty in the regions where we work.
If you believe your business meets our investment criteria, we want to hear from you.
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